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Investor Relations E-mail Newsletter Terms of Service

■Use of the Service

The service (hereinafter the “Service”) provided by Take and Give Needs Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) is conditional on compliance with these terms of service. Please carefully read the following before using the Service. Use of the Service will indicate agreement to the following terms.
Furthermore, any costs associated with receipt of the Service, such as the cost of connecting to this website, are to be borne by the user.

■Registration and personal information

  1. In order for you to use the Service, we may collect information such as your email address, gender, age and residential address. If you fail to provide this information, you may not be able to register for the Service or use the Service. Further, information concerning your usage history may be collected. The above information belongs to the Company and will only be used by the Company for the purpose of providing the Service.
  2. The Company will deal with all personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and the Company’s Personal Information Protection Policy.
  3. The Company may share personal information with its business partners.
  4. Members shall be deemed to have agreed to the Company’s use of their registration information in accordance with these terms of service, and may not lodge any objection to such usage.
  5. Members shall promptly notify the Company of any changes to their registration information by email. The Company takes no responsibility for any detriment to customers, such as becoming unable to use the Service, resulting from failure to notify the Company.
  6. Members may not use the Service for improper purposes.
  7. Members may not allow a third party to make use of their membership, or otherwise lend, assign, buy, sell or pledge, etc. their membership.

■Handling of membership registration information

The Company will not disclose registration information to any third party and will not use said information beyond the scope necessary to provide the Service, except in the following circumstances:

  1. acts involving the aggregation or analysis of registration information for the purpose of improvement of the Service, etc.;
  2. provision or disclosure to third parties, such as business providers, of the results of the aggregation or analysis referred to in the preceding clause in such a manner that individuals cannot be distinguished or identified;
  3. a member consents to the disclosure or use of their personal information;
  4. a third-party business provider, who has entered into a separate contract with the Company, requires personal information for the purpose of providing the Service to members;
  5. disclosure is required by a court, the public prosecutor’s office, the police or an institution that derives its powers from said institutions;
  6. it is deemed necessary to protect the rights or assets of the Company, a member or a third party, or to protect the Service, etc.; or
  7. there is an urgent need due to an imminent threat to a person’s life, physical safety or assets, etc.

■Cancellation of membership

  1. Members may cancel their membership and cease usage of the Service by following the steps outlined in this page. By canceling your membership you relinquish all rights and privileges relating to the Service.
  2. Due to the operation of the Service’s system, there may be a delay between completing the cancellation procedures and the cancellation of the subscription taking effect.
  3. The Company may immediately cancel the subscription of members at its own discretion, without notice or warning, and without the consent of the member, if it determines any of the following applies to the member:
    1. the member has breached these terms of service;
    2. the member’s registration information contains falsehoods or errors;
    3. the registered email address does not exist or it has been determined that emails sent by the Service have not been received;
    4. the member is deceased;
    5. the sending email address has been blocked or emails have been otherwise refused;
    6. the member engages in any activity that is designated as prohibited by the Company; or
    7. the Company deems the member to be otherwise unsuitable.
  4. If the Company incurs any damage by reason of any of the circumstances listed in the previous clause, the member must compensate the Company for said damage.
  5. The Company bears no responsibility to disclose to a member the reason for cancellation of membership under clause 3.

■Changes, etc. to the Service

The Company may add additional services to the services stipulated in these terms of service.
The Company or a franchisee may change, suspend or cancel some or all the content of said services irrespective of the reason, with no prior notice or warning to members. However, if all services are cancelled, the Company shall notify members in advance to that effect by a means it deems appropriate, or by posting a notice on its website.

■Intellectual property

  1. The company or information providers hold intellectual property rights, such as copyright, usufructuary rights and other rights in relation to all content that can be obtained by members through the Service. Information may not be used beyond the scope allowed for in the Copyright Act.
  2. Alteration or deletion of websites or third-party information that can be accessed through the Service is prohibited.

■Changes to provision of the Service

Some or all of the Services may be changed, suspended, discontinued or cancelled, without prior notice to the users.
Furthermore, the company and its partners accept no responsibility for any damage arising from said change, suspension, discontinuation or cancellation of the Services.


  1. All due care is taken when providing information through the Service; however, the Company, its franchisees and its partners make no guarantees concerning its completeness, accuracy or usefulness, etc., nor the connection environment.
  2. The Company accepts no responsibility for the information provided through the Service, or content sent through the Service.
  3. The Company accepts no responsibility for any damage incurred by users or third parties due to suspension, delay or mistaken transmission, etc. arising from interference with the Service, changing of information or computer viruses, etc. caused by a third party.

■Changes to the terms of service

These terms of service may be changed at any time without notice being given to users.

■Court of jurisdiction

Any disputes arising out of these terms of service shall be adjudicated by the Tokyo District Court as the agreed court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.


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June 25.2021
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