Over the last two years with COVID-19 Pandemic , we have overcome many unprecedented challenges. Because we have always innovated and pioneered the future with our own hands, now I decided to take on the challenge of a new business, taking this crisis as a trigger. As globalization accelerates, we are growing with more competitive edge into a stronger company that will support the Japanese economy in the future.
From now on, we focus on the Hotel Business by utilizing the strength we have cultivated. I believe that we can be a game changer in the Tourism Business more to say Hospitality Industry, which is one of a pillar of Japan’s economic growth and continue to create new values.

Representative Director, Chairman
Yoshitaka Nojiri

A crisis reveals actual value. That’s why I have made management decisions during the pandemic based on the philosophy, not on the immediate pursuit of profits. As a results, T&G Group has captured more credibility of customers and employees and recovered business performance significantly. The market environment has changed drastically due to the Pandemic. On the other hand, there are also new opportunities. We are sure to continue to be a leading company with growth and stable profit generation. In addition, aiming for a bigger leap, we will take on the challenge of the hotel business in earnest with high-quality and high value-added services.

Representative Director, President
Kenji Iwase