T&G make sure to conduct fair disclosure based on applicable laws and regulations, to promote the enhancement of Corporate value from a long-term point of view through dialogue with shareholders and investors, and to Establish fair and good relations with diverse stakeholders.

Disclosure standards

T&G strives to ensure timely and appropriate disclosure of information according to the statutory disclosure requirements based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other relevant acts and ordinances, and as required by the Rules on Timely Disclosure set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
T&G also discloses critical information that is not subject to either statutory disclosure or timely disclosure Requirements but could potentially affect investment decisions. This information is disclosed in a fair and prompt manner so as to give all the stakeholders equal access to it.

Method of disclosure

T&G discloses information required by the timely disclosure regulations through Tdnet(Timely Disclosure network) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and also releases information to the press immediately.
Information that is disclosed on TDnet or by other means is also promptly posted on our website and distributed by e-mail.
Furthermore, T&G also strives to actively provide information beyond that required by laws and regulations and the Tokyo Stock Exchange when necessary by carefully considering the impact on investors and oter stakeholders.
We strives to ensure that T&G information disclosure is fair, clear, and useful.