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  • Story of true love

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  • Outdoor Wedding

  • Winery Wedding

  • Okinawa Wedding

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  • Hotel Wedding

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  • Winery Wedding

  • Hokkaido Wedding

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Story of true love

Location 東京/東京会館
真実の愛の物語をコンセプトに。 出会ったあの日からこれまでの想いや過ごした時間を一つのストーリーに仕立てにした結婚式はゲスト全員がこの物語の大切な登場人物だからこそ。 運命というその二文字を信じて真実の愛の物語を紡ぎ合わせ今ここに運命の物語が幕を開ける。

Winery Wedding

Location Shizuoka/Nakaizu Winery
The locations was a winery with the nice view and fresh grapes field. The winery was turned to be the couple's world! Unique designed made all the guests so excited like they were back to be children!

Hawaii Wedding

Location Hawaii/Haiku Mill
Escaping the traditional style of the beach wedding in Hawaii, the concept was “Romantic Modern“, mixed with nature. A basically flower-only decoration was chosen by the couple, so at the perfect location, all the guests had a tipsy night with nature, flowers and music. Perfect match for Maui vibes.

Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding

Winery Wedding

Location Shizuoka/Nakaizu Winery
It is unusual to hear about the Japanese Wineries outside of Japan, so many people don’t think much of it. However, our wineries often come with great views, as Japan is a mountainous country. Plus, sometimes, a extra specially unique one: a Mount Fuji view.

Okinawa Wedding

Location Okinawa
The location was Okinawa. It was so sunny and everybody felt so welcomed by the Okinawa vibes. We decorated with chandeliers and elegant flowers by the couple's wish. Till after party, all the loved ones has so much fun!

Sumo Stadium Wedding

Location Tokyo/Ryogoku Kokugikan National Sumo Arena
We transformed the Sumō Arena into a wedding “Gala Dinner” for around 1000 guests. A celebration that mixed modern with a traditional Shintō soul of the Japanese sacred arena.

Traditional Japanese hotel

Location Shizuoka/Asaba Ryokan
All the guests came from abroad, so the wedding was created by the perfect omotenashi service. We’ve put a lot of Japanese taste in decoration and the program itself, too.

Hotel Wedding

Location Tokyo/Hotel Okura
Hotels already bring up a conservative and elegant aspect to weddings. But this party was mainly decorated by a thousand candles and luxurious chandeliers. It was such a royal and sophisticated wedding.

Hotel Wedding

Location Tokyo/Shangri-la Hotel Tokyo
The concept was “Classic x Five senses". By using plenty of memorable cherry blossoms, candles, high-quality silverware, crystal glasses and silky tablecloths, we could create a luxurious wedding full of hospitality that can be felt with all five senses.

Hokkaido Wedding

Location Hokkaido/Zaborin
Hokkaido has a rich and vibrant nature. And the couple was welcomed by its whitest and most Zen aspect at their wedding day. The life of a couple is like the teachings of Zen, and in a space where you can feel it deeply, the couple, family and guests looked at their family roots in an unforgettable time.

Ryokan Wedding

Location Kanagawa/Jinya Ryokan
The couple invited about 20 guests from all over the world to Japan. They loved Japan so much, so they requested us to decorate everything in Japanese taste, in the most detailed way as possible; and so we did. All the guests could feel the Japanese spirit and experienced a high level of our rich OMOTENASHI and culture throughout the wedding.

Winery Wedding

Location Shizuoka/Nakaizu Winery
Set in a vineyard on a hill, it incorporates activities that allow you to feel the traditions of Japan and Finland. A completely original destination wedding that fuses Japanese and Western styles, surrounded by nature.

Hokkaido Wedding

Location Hokkaido
Hokkaido is very known for its snowy winter, however, autumn weddings seems to be the newest attraction, instead. With 200 guests from Malaysia, this Destination Wedding (3 nights and 4 days) accomplished to attain all the magnificence that Hokkaido’s nature has to offer, especially the deep green and autumn leaves.

Beach Wedding

Location Kanagawa/Private Villa
The venue we chose was a private villa in front of the sea. We produced a one-whole-day wedding, cherishing a special time of only the bride and the groom with such a welcoming wind by the sea.

Tokyo Wedding

Location Tokyo/Aoyama Geihinkan
This wedding’s theme was "Elegant & Lovely“, focusing on bright colors and illumination. And the venue itself is so well-known for these words, that even Japanese TV Shows and Movies were recorded here when that was the topic! All the guests were surrounded by a lot of pink and white flowers. They enjoyed with Japanese-style food and beverages.

Traditional Wedding

Location Shizuoka/Asaba Ryokan
Still part of the completely original destination wedding fusing Japanese and Finnish styles, however, this part was totally focused on the utmost Japanese-style ceremony. Everyone enjoyed the husband’s culture to the most, and could almost feel they were actually in the Japanese Samurai era.

Nature Wedding

Location in Nature
We can always create weddings that the main decoration isn’t a decoration at all, but the midst of magnificent nature.